Emily J Tucker Law


When starting a new business one of the most important steps you can take is to create a brand that will soon be recognized as being the face of your company. A brand is more than just a pretty icon, it’s a feeling. Creating a feeling takes a lot of research, in fact there’s more time spent on research than any other part of the logo design process. Research on this project included finding answers to the following questions, “why don’t some people in businesses not use a lawyer?”, “Who are the people most commonly starting businesses in the Columbus area?” and “What are the design cliches of law firms?”.


After learning though talking with people and my own experiences of starting a business, the simple fact is that Lawyers are intimidating. They’re often perceived as expensive and controlling. After my initial meeting with Emily I knew this couldn’t be farther from the truth. After diving in a little further I realized that most logos in the legal industry had very intimidating (slightly dated) fonts, colors and boldness. The plan for Emily’s logo was to create something strong but not intimidating, a recognizable symbol and as she works with creative businesses we wanted to make something that was a bit more “creative” than the average law firm logo.


We started with ideas that can symbolize trust, that lead to a shield design. For the type, all lowercase was the way that we balanced the strong symbol design. Welcoming, friendly, creative, smart, strong, these were key words that lead to the primarily yellow color. Throughout the process the question of “is this intimidating?” was constantly asked and in the end we got just that.