ERT Came to us wanting a fresh new way to get noticed by their potential clients. Seeing some of our previous work, they had a pretty good idea of the style they wanted for their video. They really liked a natural/handmade look that we did for Fidelity but wanted something they could call their own. They also knew that they wanted a character or two so the project would have more life/personality.

After researching about what ERT does, their competition, and their users, we made style frames as options for the look of the animation. We narrowed it down to 2 options for the client that received pretty close to split on which to proceed with but ultimately the more rustic/handmade look got the nod. At the same time we developed the style frames we worked on storyboarding the script from ERT.  As with all storyboards, the challenge is making sure the timing will work when animated. You can’t have a simple text box on a frame that has 2 paragraphs because it will most likely not keep the attention of the viewer. Once that was approved it was time to animate.

One challenge on this animation was keeping everything smooth and easy to follow but at the same time also having a stop-motion handmade feel. We wanted everything to have a transition so there was no hard cuts and after some research we decided that everything has to work like paper, all transitions have to be things paper can do. After completion of the project we received much positive feedback and are looking forward to helping out the great people at ERT in the future.

ERT__0013_1ERT__0012_2 ERT__0011_3 ERT__0010_4 ERT__0009_5 ERT__0008_6 ERT__0007_7 ERT__0005_9 ERT__0004_10 ERT__0006_8 ERT__0003_11 ERT__0002_12 ERT__0001_13 ERT__0000_14

Directed / Produced: Matt Vojacek
Script: Joseph Shafer
Sound Design / Recording: Stephen Tammearu and David Sykut
Voice: Tori Mistick
Design / Storyboard / Animation: Matt Vojacek