Moodig was started by me at Zwelly with the idea of having a more public place to share our voice and answer questions that we are asked. We spent a lot of time researching what makes a successful blog. We had to decide if we wanted to advertise on the site, how we could sell products and what exactly we wanted to say. The hardest and most important part though was to figure out how to get people to the site.


There was a lot of sketching on this idea to figure out how exactly we wanted users to move through the site. We needed a layout that would promote specific actions like signing up for the newsletter, or buying one of our products. We needed a way to easily interact with users through comments on articles and through social media. Social Media will be a very important tool as that’s the most consistent information source of all users.


While making this project we learned a great deal about making a succesful, ecommerce/blog site. We learned that advertisements can be very distracting! In the initial design we had about 7 different spots to advertise on just the homepage. After a conversation with our friend Joker Martini we realized we needed to make the user feel more welcomed and it’s a very easy way to be different than everyone else. We made Moodig on WordPress using Shopp as the ecommerce solution. We used Disqus for the comments so users could easily log into their social media of choice and leave a quick comment. For the newsletter sign-up we use Mailchimp.