This internal project started because of an idea to combine different artistic styles into a single project to create an interesting contrast.

A goal for the project was to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and produce something that could be the centerpiece of our 3d portfolio. While thinking of what would contrast the realistic 3d approach, the idea for hand drawn cell painting came up. While this technique isn’t used very often before of the tediousness of the process, we thought it was definitely worth exploring.

ERT__0000_Layer 1 copy ERT__0001_Layer 1 copy 2 ERT__0002_Layer 1 copy 3 ERT__0003_Layer 1 copy 4 ERT__0004_Layer 1 copy 5 ERT__0005_Layer 1 copy 6 ERT__0006_Layer 1 copy 7 ERT__0007_Layer 1 copy 8 ERT__0008_Layer 1 copy 9 ERT__0009_Layer 1 copy 10 ERT__0010_Layer 1 copy 11 ERT__0011_Layer 1 copy 12 ERT__0012_Layer 1 copy 13 ERT__0013_Layer 1 copy 14 ERT__0014_Layer 1 copy 15 ERT__0015_Layer 1 copy 16 ERT__0016_Layer 1 copy 17 ERT__0017_Layer 1 copy 18 ERT__0018_Layer 1 copy 19

A challenge of this project was managing the rendering time for the 3d portion. Realistic lighting often takes more time to render than most other projects so figuring out ways to be more efficient was a must on this project. Another challenge was integrating the 2d hand drawn elements into the scene.

Sound Design by Danca