Zwelly Co.


After almost 4 years of being named Running With Scissors Designs, I was getting the feeling that I was forcing myself to be looked at strictly as a design company and I can’t even tell you how many minutes I’ve wasted answering the phone “This is running with scissors designs this is Matt”. I decided that it was time to simplify the business and the services we offer. What better way to symbolize that then going to a shorter name and a much more simple and clean design. After all we’re in the business of making things easy for users to understand and do it in a beautiful way. I landed on the name Zwelly co.


The focus throughout this rebrand was to keep things as simple as possible. If it ddidn’tserve a real purpose in the design, it needed to go. The color was something else we wanted to explore, having a dominant color that would radiate creativity could help people understand exactly what it is that we do. For the logo we wanted some sort of symbol that could be used as a stamp and felt more like a mid-west steel factory to symbolize more of our roots from Ohio.


For the site we went with big type and simple illustrations as focal points to lead the viewer’s eyes. A problem that we fixed from previous designs is that before we kept displaying our work out of context, just a single image and nothing else. However, our work is more than just an image. Our work requires some insight into our process and how we got to the final product and as you can read here, we’re focusing more on a project description. For the logo we made a symbol that resembles an infinite letter “Z” as well as an arrow pointing at the text “Zwelly co.”. The logo needed togive a feeling of strength, creativity and trust. After completion we believe we have that and couldn’t be happier to share with the world.


For the business cards, we went with a letterpress print by Igloo Letterpress designed by us.